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Beat the Spread Bracket - Final Standings


1. Jason Leitner

2. Brad McLarty

3. Dan Skarr

4. Dan Skarr

5. Brian Dolan

6. Brian Dolan

7. Mike Kalmuk

8. Kim (Mike Kalmuk)

9. Dave Traut

10. Dave Traut

11. Brian Mikolajek

12. Brian Mikolajek

13. Steven Johnson

14. Frisk & Salo

15. Frisk & Salo

16. Paul Aspan

17. Paul Kalmuk

18. Jeremy Riechers

19. Jeremy Riechers

20. Bill Kluge

21. Brian Quinn

22. Ben Glon

23. Ben Glon

24. Steve Krueger

25. Steve Krueger

26. Peter Doucet

27. Adam Quinn

28. Randy Castegnaro

29. Dom Castegnaro

30. Gunnysack

31. Gunnysack

32. Gunnysack

33. Gunnysack

34. Eugene Lozinger

35. Matt Wyse

36. Matt Wyse

37. Luke Taylor

38. Luke Taylor

39. Bob Repin

40. KLFM

41. Lottery Lovers

42. Steven Osowski

43. Chris Clement

44. Jared Eischid

45. Chris Haase

46. Chris Haase

47. Josh Linden

48. Josh Linden

49. Grammy & Pappy

50. Sam Tavares

51. Audio Paul

52. Adam Backous

53. Jim Messerges

54. Brian Banks

55. Kris Killion

56. Rich Steele

57. Ray Podwika

58. Marita Steuer

59. B&C Music Factory

60. B&C Music Factory

61. B&C Music Factory

62. B&C Music Factory

63. Jason Chance

64. Ryan Gray


  • There is a maximum of 64 players/teams. The play-in games do not count.
  • Pay $50 (Pay section is below).
  • Each entry will be randomly assigned to a Region and Seed. The Selection Committee will fill it in with a team on Selection Sunday (March 13).
  • If you purchase multiple entries, I will place them in different regions, alternating sides of the bracket as they are drawn.
  • The spreads lock approx. 1-hour before the day's first game. I will use as my source. At that time, I will fill in the Bracket on this website, so you can see every game's spread. The spread will not change.
  • Beat the spread to each game to move forward in the bracket (see Scenarios below).
  • If there is a push (where a game ends exactly on the spread). The person who owns the team that wins the game, will move forward with their team.
  • Your payout will be determined on which round you do NOT cover the spread (ex. In the Elite 8, your team loses the game and does not cover the Spread, you would get paid $100 and be eliminated).
  • Payouts will be dispersed at the end of the tournament.


  1. You win the game and cover the Spread: You move forward with your team
  2. You lose the game, but you cover the Spread: You move forward with your opponent's team
  3. You win the game, but you don't cover the Spread: You are eliminated and your opponent moves forward with your team
  4. You lose the game and you don't cover the Spread: You are eliminated and your opponent moves forward with their team

Example of how it works

North Carolina - Jason Leitner

                                                       | UNC -3.5

Duke - Adam Johnson              |

This would mean that North Carolina has to beat Duke by 4 or more points.

If North Carolina won by 6, Jason Leitner would continue to the next round with North Carolina and Adam Johnson would be eliminated. If North Carolina won by 2, Adam Johnson would continue to the next round with North Carolina and Jason Leitner would be eliminated.


PayPal ($52...for fee)

Beat the Spread - 1 Entry

Chase QuickPay ($50)

Send $50 to: [email protected]

Cash (in-person only)